Citicards Payment Login - Alternate Sign In Guide

Citi credit cards are issued by citi group. There are various benefits of Citi cards. You get cash back, there are special discount offers, reward programs etc. You get access to the credit card account online.

Citicards Payment Login - Sign In

Q. What are my options for paying my Citi credit card bill?

A. There are various ways to pay the Citibank credit card bill;you can pay it online, by phone, by wire transfer or by mail. Given below are the links for getting access to all of these options or to get customer service.

1. Citi Cards Login

This link at displays home page that has login page displayed on the left-hand side of it. In order to make the credit card bill payment online, you need to login with your username and password. For the online access to your citi credit card, you must have registered for it.

2. Citi Cards Payment Mailing Addresses and Customer Service Phone Numbers

You will get mailing addresses for different Citi credit cards if you want to make your bill payment by mail. You will find this link at The link will display a page showing mailing address and also customer service telephone numbers for Citi cards as well as partner credit cards can be found by clicking on the link “View More” that includecontact phone numbers for AT&T, ExxonMobil, Citgo, Sears, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Shell, Sunoco and Home Depot.

3. Citicards Customer Service Questions

At this link provided at, you will see a question answered“How can I pay my credit cards”. It gives details about making the Citi credit card bill online, by mail, by wire transfer and by telephone.

4. Register for Online Account Access

For registering your citi credit card account, you go to the website at The registration is simple process and can be done easily; you need to provide basic details and credit card details. You also create your login username and password while you register. Once registered successfully, you can login anytime from anywhere provided you have an access to internet.

5. Citi Credit Card Alternate Signin

If you are finding it difficulty with logging in, you can try at this link provided at the website

6. Citibank Tablet & Mobile Payments / Apps

You can access your citi credit card account and make bill payment through your iPad, iPhone or Android phone. You have to download a Citi app for it from

7. Citi Cards Online Account Tour

If you are novice to access your account online, you can watch interactive demo provided at It shows you step by step process to make payments on your Citibank credit cards as well as how to manage your account online.